Out of Zone Enrolment

The Rosebank School Board of Trustees has decided that there will be NO out-of-zone enrolment places available for the start of the 2024 school year. This is due to large roll growth at our school. Any families who are in zone and wanting to enrol for 2024 are advised to do this as soon as possible.

Both Tupulaga, our Niuean class and Te Whānau o Pātiki are deemed as special character and therefore, the zoning rules do not apply to enrolments in these areas of the school (Please see our zone map at the bottom of the page).

For enrolment information here, please contact me directly - paul@rosebank.school.nz 

Turning 5

When your child is due to turn 5 it is extremely important that you organize school visits for your child. We recommend you do this at least one month before they turn 5. They will come for a visit to the reception class to meet their teacher and see their new learning environment. You can also enrol your child at this time in the office or online below.

Once your child has turned 5, they will be able to start school on the closest date after they have turned 5. There are 2 entry points throughout the term so this may mean that your child may have to stay at ECE for a few weeks until the entry point.

The dates for this year will be:

Term 1 

Start of term entry date:
5th February 

Mid-point entry date:
​​​​​​​11th March

Term 2:

Start of term entry date:
29th April

Mid-point entry date:
​​​​​​​4th June

Term 3:

Start of term entry date:
22nd July

Mid-point entry date:
26th August

Term 4:

Start of term entry date:
14th October

Mid-point entry date:
​​​​​​​18th November

Cohort Entry

Cohort Entry supports both your child and the teacher. It supports the teacher to best meet the social and emotional needs that children have when they’re transitioning to a new environment. We can settle them into school as a whole group so the transition is much smoother as their friends are all going through the same experience together and they can support each other.

At Rosebank School we want children to have the best start to school to set them up for a successful future. The early years at school are so important and we believe that the Cohort Entry in Schools is the perfect way for your child to have the best start at school. We can’t wait to be part of your child’s journey!

If you would like to enrol your child at Rosebank School, please note the following important information:

We require:

  • A completed enrolment form, signed by the parent/caregiver (can be downloaded from school website) or completed on the day with the office manager.

  • A completed Digital Citizenship form, signed by the parent/caregiver.

  • Original New Zealand birth certificate or current passport (original required, and will be copied by office staff).

  • For those children holding an overseas passport we need to view both the student’s passports plus residency/student visa notices.

These documents must be presented with the enrolment form. It is a Ministry of Education requirement and your child cannot start until the correct documentation is received.

To organise pre school visits please contact Christina Hammill on 828 6319. On enrolling your child, parents effectively agree to support the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees at Rosebank School.  Copies of the Charter and school policies are available at the school office.

Walk ins are welcome to drop off or come in and complete enrolment forms or you can enrol online