Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is an early literacy programme for 6 year olds having difficulties with reading and writing. Most children selected for Reading Recovery become successful and independent in their reading and writing at school, and at home. Each child has a 30 minute individual lesson with a Reading Recovery trained teacher each day, for up to 20 weeks. This leads to accelerated progress over time so the child  can achieve reading and writing levels appropriate for their age.

What can you do to help?

As parents it is important that your child is at school everyday. Your child will bring home a book to read and perhaps a cut-up story that they have written, let them put  it together  and read it to you. Take time to listen to your child’s reading. Offer praise and encouragement for your child’s efforts. After a few weeks the Reading Recovery teacher will invite you to school to observe a lesson with your child and give some ideas for helpful activities  that you and your child can do together at home. Check out the Avondale library for books you can read  for free at home. Enjoy your child’s successes and come and talk to us at anytime.

Want more information? Check out the Reading Recovery NZ website