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Tel: 09-828 6319

Email: office@rosebank.school.nz


217 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland, 1026

Our School 

School Motto

'Haere whakamua'

Moving forward 

The Shield

- The whau leaf from the district formally known as Te Whau, now Rosebank was a wilderness area where many whau trees grew.

- The wild rose grew in profusion on the banks of the Whau River.

- The bi-plane "Manurewa" was one of the earliest bi-planes in New Zealand and flew from Avondale Racecourse in 1913.

Rosebank learners are Confident, Connected, Actively involved and Resilient


- in themselves, their language and their culture

- self regulated learners

- express their ideas

- articulate their learning pathways

- make the right choices for the right reasons

- positive role models


- respect themselves, respect others, respect property

- effective communicators

- responsible digital citizens

- positively interact with other nationalities and cultures

- know how to find out what they need to know

Actively involved

- work collaboratively

- creative problem solvers

- seek opportunities to participate in learning

- value our environment

- contribute effectively


- learn from their mistakes

- strive to be the best they can be

- flexible and adaptable to different situations

- able to face challenges

- make good choices in adversity