Other Information


If your child is late for whatever reason the child must get a late pass. Children can get their late pass from Shahieda Khan whose office is at the back of the school library. The library can be accessed from the office carpark or from the netball courts side.  If Shahieda is away Christina in the office will give your child a late pass.

Please note that if your child arrives later than 10am he/she can go straight to the office for a late pass.

Meeting the Principal:

For new parents to the school you can meet the school principal on enrolment day or for new entrants’ children you will meet the principal at your initial visit to the school and later on if you would like to talk to the principal at any time.

Community Hub:

This room has been set up specifically as a space for parents to use. The computer and printer are for your use. There is also coffee and tea for those who would like a cuppa while waiting for their children to finish or start school.

Please note that the community hub is also used for parents’ workshops as well as HIPPY sessions.


Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters

Learning to learn together is HIPPY’s motto. If you have pre-schoolers at home HIPPY will help you, to help your child be school ready by the time they are 5 years old. Please note that if your child is at kindergarten or an early childhood centre he/she can still be involved in HIPPY because the programme is homebased.

For further information contact the HIPPY coordinator Elisa Niovara on 828 6319 extn 215 or 022 350 7748

Social Worker in Schools (SWIS worker):

Our social worker is here to support our children in their social and emotional well being. If you would like to talk to our social worker please let us know in the office or call 828 6319 extn 220.

Extra Programmes:

The school also provides additional programmes for students who need extra support. The main programmes are

Reading Recovery:

This a literacy intervention programme that gives a child a second chance to become better at reading. Students are selected based on different assessments to ensure that they are eligible. Students are taken individually every day for a maximum of 20 weeks and Reading Recovery teachers are specially trained. Because this programme is very expensive, students need to be at school every day to benefit.


This a language learning class. Students who attend ESOL vary from new speakers of English to students who were born in New Zealand who need extra language learning support.